• Will I lose my natural eyelashes?   No. When applied correctly, semi-permanent lash extension are NOT known to have adverse effects on your natural lashes. However, if the diameter (or thickness) of the extension is too thick, damage can occur - thinning, downward growth or premature loss. Precautions are taken not to glue more then one extension per lash - which causes the extension to pinch, or to be prematurely torn from the follicle. 

• Lash Adhesive:  The Beauty Room Dallas uses the same type of 'medical-grade' adhesive that is used by surgeons to preform suture-less closures. 

• Is a professional license required?   Yes! Semi permanent lash extensions are a professional salon service, preformed by cosmetologists, aestheticians or eye-lash specialty licenses. 

• Are the extensions glued to my skin?  No, the lash extensions are applied 1-3mm away from your lash line and directly to the natural lash.

• I've worn flares (tabs/clusters) can the damage be repaired?  Yes, consult with a licensed lash stylist regarding treatment options.

• Can I wear makeup or mascara?  Yes, however, only Oil-Free makeup, removers and moisturizers should be used. Oils will break down the adhesive causing your extensions to fall out. Use mascara sparingly. Apply only to the tips, or on your lower lashes. Do not apply Coatings or Sealants with mascara. NEVER use waterproof mascara.

• Can I use a lash curler?  No, today's extensions won't lose their curl. A mechanical lash curler will crimp the lashes, breaking the adhesives bond and possibly your lashes. Only heated lash curlers should be used.



• Preparing for my appointment:  Remove all makeup and moisturizers. Avoid caffeinated drinks - you will want to be relaxed. It is recommended to use the restroom prior to your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing to make the most of your time for relaxation & pampering.


• How do I care for my lash extensions?   Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. To clean; apply a small amount of oil free makeup remover to your cleansing brush. Gently brush through lashes from the base to tip, and along the lash line. Rinse with warm water.


* Use a clean mascara wand for grooming. Support lashes with your finger, curling them in an upward motion. *Oil based products will affect the adhesive, causing your lash extensions to fall out prematurely. Speak with your stylist for details.


• Can I remove the lashes myself?  No, this should only be done by a professional to prevent damaging your natural lashes. Removal generally takes 20 -30 minutes


• Appointment Etiquette: Arrive early - allow ample time to check in, fill out client forms and relax before your lash experience. Be courteous - turn off or silence your cell phone during your appointment. Please do not bring children. Contacts must be removed prior to your appointment. Keep talking to a minimum. 

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